Rock Fracture

Case Studies

In this section, we present several case studies from various parts of the Earth with one or more of particular focus: a particular tectonic region, a particular lithology, or a particular structural development. These links are also available as related topics of certain structure classes. It is a formidable challenge to present synopses of these regional studies which were originally published in several journal papers. Interested readers should refer to the selected references and additional references therein.

Types of Case Studies:
Fractures in Monterey Formation, CA, USAFractures in E. Kaibab Monocline, UT-AZ, USAFractures in Bays Mountain, TN, USAFractures in Bristol Channel, UKFractures in Waterpocket Monocline, UT, USAFractures in Maiella Mountains, Apennines, ITFractures in Valley of Fire, Nevada, USAFractures in McKinleyville, CA, USAFractures in Sierra Nevada, CA, USA

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